How it works

and what Logopony is all about

Logopony is a new kind of Artificial Intelligence powered logo maker that takes logo generation to another level. Our approach on AI and Machine Learning is different than throwing all kinds of combinations of fonts and icons good or bad to see what sticks, we apply something called "curated randomness"

We have partnered with award-winning designers and deconstructed thousands of worlds greatest logos to create our own database of most used assets like: layouts, colors, icons, fonts and their combinations then we have assembled a system that constructs logos based on design best-practice and what works.

Our app evaluates dozens of data points to understand which custom combinations work better together for each industry specifically so we can continuously improve from there.

1. Provide some details

Input your logo details so the system knows where to start and present you the personalized variations

Input parameters
Real logos from the app!

2. Generate logo ideas

Browse through unlimited logo variations

3. Save your favs

We have made a very handy lightbox for you to manage logos

Easy to use lightbox
Editor interface

4. Embrace the editor

use the editor to manually tweak every small detail of your logo, move parts around, change colors, fonts, containers, etc

5. Instantly download files

Logos are sliced in different sizes for any occasion, black&white/inverted colors, social media assets, watermarks and more

Web & Print-ready files

Ready to make your own perfect logo?